401(k) Plan Services

Company Retirement Plan Sponsors are plan fiduciaries and owe a duty of loyalty, care and prudence to the plan and participants.  As stewards of this very important employee benefit, the Plan Sponsors may choose to delegate some fiduciary duties to investment advisors and managers. This delegation does not relieve the Sponsor of their own fiduciary responsibility, but rather helps them to prudently meet those obligations by seeking those with more appropriate expertise to assist.  Ultimately, the Plan Sponsor has a responsibility to maximize the opportunity for plan participants to be financially prepared for retirement.

Rembert Pendleton Jackson has the experience and resources to assist business owners in meeting their fiduciary obligations when creating or transitioning a company retirement plan (generally a 401(k) plan).  

We offer advisory and investment management services to Retirement Plan Sponsors which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of existing plan to determine breadth of features, cost structure and robustness of investment options available to participants.
  • Creation of a new company retirement plan that includes careful consideration of features to be part of the plan such as Roth options, company matches, profit sharing, vesting schedule, participant loans, investment options, and allocation of investment and administrative costs between company and participants. 
  • Transition from an existing company retirement plan to a new retirement plan provided jointly by RPJ and our retirement plan provider partner, Retirement Plan Consultants (RPC).
  • New (or transition) Retirement Plan investment advisory services (co-fiduciary)
    • Plan investment policy statement
    • Plan investment option selection
    • Plan investment option monitoring
    • Plan features and benefits review to existing and new participants
    • Investment education to participants
    • Investment advice to participants