The Rembert Pendleton Jackson Story

Rembert Pendleton Jackson offers a wide range of investment advisory services to individual and institutional investors. Based in Falls Church, Virginia, the firm has been serving individual clients from around the nation’s capital and in over 45 states since 1974 and serving non-profit organizations since 1994. Collectively, the principals have over 210 years of experience in providing these services. We operate as SSB Wealth Management Inc., dba Rembert Pendleton Jackson, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandy Spring Bank.

We Are Fiduciaries

Today, there are many kinds of financial professionals who offer assistance with financial matters. We strongly believe the best way to assist clients is as a fiduciary advisor. The reason is simple and grounded in case law: fiduciary advisors are legally required to put the interests of the client first.

We Are “Fee-Only”

An advisor should be objective. Objectivity requires an absence of conflicts of interest. Rembert Pendleton Jackson believes that objectivity is impaired if the advisor’s compensation depends on his or her recommendations. Therefore, we do not receive any compensation other than our client fees. We do not receive commissions, fees, or bonuses from the investment recommendations we make from any third party. Our only  compensation is from our clients; our only loyalty is to our clients.

The Firm’s mission is to provide every client with the highest level of individualized service our profession has to offer. We custom-tailor our advice because each client has different needs. We provide our clients with recommendations and assistance to meet their unique requirements.

As fee-only advisors, we focus our attention on our client’s goals and objectives. We believe our clients know that our recommendations are solely in their best interests and are not designed to generate additional compensation.